Everyone is so nice!

I love getting comments on my blogs. It’s really cool! I haven’t been doing comments like I’m suppossed to. I’m barely finding time to write and post my blog. It’s kind of like the classroom. There are so many things I want to do and most of the time I can barely find time to do the basics or the “have to’s”. I need to organize my time better so that I can squeeze in the things I would like to do. The things I will benefit me in the long run and my students too. The good news is that I have the desire to do better, now I just have to figure out how to do it. I’ll get there. That’s how life is. A continual learning process. I guess if I knew everything know and did it all perfectly, what would be the point of the rest of my life!


I Feel Better!

I’m caught up, for now! I was able to go in for a day and actually clean off my desk and deal with things that had been on my lists(s). It feels so good.

I’ve also been able to get back to yoga. Yesterday was my first day in 11 days, which is a big deal when I was going everyday for a while. I missed it so much. Traveling kept me out for a week and then getting back into the swing of things and not feeling 100% kept me out a few more days. It is such a lovely way to exercise both your body and your mind. The teachers are so sensitive to everyone’s needs. I feel really special in their presence.

I need to make sure my kids feel that way in my classroom, each and every one of them. There’s a goal!

Made it to Friday!

Wow, only 14 students today – it made a big difference in how smooth the day went! And how much quieter. Not that there wasnt’ some noise, but there was less of it for sure. I need to figure out how I can get more of the smaller group feeling even when all 18 are there or if I have 22 again next year. Such a struggle as a the class gets larger to give everyone all the attention and love they need.

Where did the week go?

Man it has flown by! My students are one more week closer to first grade. And I have 1 less week to get them ready! It’s all relative isn’t it? I feel like I am teaching them so much, but there is always so much more that I want to teach. And get better at doing. What am I going to do better tomorrow? How am I going to reach a student that hasn’t gotten it yet? How do I help my readers move on to that next level? So many questions. So little time to study, reflect, revise, update, renew. I guess that’s why we have off time in the summer!

Flying to New Heights

Today we touched on a topic we covered a few weeks ago. We were doing “research” about important women in aviation and learned about Amelia Earhart. The kids even wrote their own story about what they thought might have happened to her. The video we watched today talked about new evidence that’s been found on a remote island that may lead to the conclusion that she actually landed on a tiny island and died waiting to be found. What was interesting was the way the kids responded. They not only remembered her, but her story and the mystery. They started talking about the evidence and it could have actually been. I was inspired by their response and interest in it. They spoke to my heart today!

The link was sent to me by a parent who was in the room when we were talking about her:


March 20 – I Missed A Day!

I was doing so well and then I totatlly forgot yesterday! It was my first day back from my trip and I was tired and trying to spend time with the family and I just didn’t think about blogging at all. When I woke up today it hit me – oh no! Not the end of the world though!

It has been good to get back to school. The kids didn’t forget everything! Me either!! Thank goodness for the great routines we had already established. They came right back in and got started and didn’t miss a beat.

I shared my quill ink pen I got at the Dickens House Museum and they shared their fun stories too. I think we will have a great week! Happy first day of spring!

March 18 – I Made It!

Okay, I’m stateside,although not home yet. I’m so happy I was able to blog the whole time I was away. It was great to share what I was experiencing. It helped me to take time to put things inperspective.

On my last day, it was St. Patrick’s Day. the only Irish thing I did was have a Guiness with my full English breakfast, but it wasafter 1230, so it was legal.  Today it has been a total travel day with a 5 hour layover. But being the professional I am, I have been working on report cardcomments! I was a little worried when I looked back my notes. But it all came back when I started looking at names. Everyone has grown so much this year. It really is exciting to think about it. Can’t wait to see them all tomorrow and share!

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