Flying to New Heights

Today we touched on a topic we covered a few weeks ago. We were doing “research” about important women in aviation and learned about Amelia Earhart. The kids even wrote their own story about what they thought might have happened to her. The video we watched today talked about new evidence that’s been found on a remote island that may lead to the conclusion that she actually landed on a tiny island and died waiting to be found. What was interesting was the way the kids responded. They not only remembered her, but her story and the mystery. They started talking about the evidence and it could have actually been. I was inspired by their response and interest in it. They spoke to my heart today!

The link was sent to me by a parent who was in the room when we were talking about her:–abc-news.html


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  1. mrssurridge
    Mar 22, 2012 @ 04:53:07

    What a fun lesson. It is so wonderful when we can turn history into a visual, compelling story that sparks interest and conversation. That’s always when I want to freeze time and just revel in the discussion!


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