March 10 – resting, but not really!

First day of the week off. Yes I did take a nap, but I also started that long list of chores that never get done. Laundry, shopping, etc. But I also got in an amazing yoga class where we did a chair headstand. And I’ve almost got our taxes done which my husband thinks is amazingly wonderful. I think it’s a chore, but he’s thrilled that I’m doing it. I also watched an interesting movie, The Lincoln Lawyer. It had mixed reviews, but with Mathew McCougney (spelling?) in it, it couldn’t be that bad! I love him and enjoyed the movie and the time relaxing with my man. Of course I couldn’t help but think about my students and the report cards I need to be working on. That will come tomorrow. I was thinking about how when I do the comments, I need to use my heart as well as my brain.


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