March 7 – 2 more days till Spring Break!

Hey, I can make it, can’t I? Today was unusual because I was off till 1120. Then the kids left at 1245. I walked in on the sub working with the kids and everyone sounded happy and busy, some were singing. I was almost a little jealous, thinking they don’t even miss me! But then the hugs came which were very nice. I also then found out that the sub didn’t know where one of the kids was! Okay! Really? The kids knew (at the nurse’s), but she didn’t confirm that. I was on the phone so fast, I’m always counting kids making sure I know where they are.

Thanks to everyone for your comments to the blog. I’m always surprised that anyone is reading it. It’s affirming to have a reader. Even though I would keep blogging anyway, it’s still a bit of rush to know that someone see’s what I’m putting out there. Thanks!


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  1. Ramona
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 11:49:41

    I’m like a mother hen with my students too, always counting heads especially on field trips. I freak out when a parent group shows up without a student, or when they allow a student to head to the restroom or anywhere without a student buddy!


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